Crucial M500 (120GB/240GB/480GB)

SSD means Solid State Drive. SSD is a replacement of standard hard disk drives that is found currently in personal computers today. The good thing about SSD is that it works well with laptops, note books and also desktops. SSD can also be connected externally to any of the mentioned computers.

SSD can be able to withstand knocks and drops easily. This is because they do not have any moving parts. SSD are built from memory chips that are of solid state. As their name suggests, they are similar to the computer memory that exists in laptops. The difference between SSD and the computer memory chips that exists in laptop is that when you turn off your computer, you have to power up your computer memory to retain data, while in SSD your data will still be stored even If you shut down your computer.

The best thing about SSD is that they are big enough to replace computers hard disk. They are also less fragile and durable because of their lack of any moving parts feature. They are easy to access than the standard hard disk drives, this is also because of their solid state storage. SSD also operates easily without a cooling fan; this meant that they are quieter than those computers that use a hard disk drive.

Crucial M500 120 GB

This SSD has a storage capacity of 120GB to accommodate files and it provides greater computer performance with greater reliability and also at very affordable price. This SSD is durable and consumes less energy hence not straining your computer system than the traditional hard disk drive. Apart from using less energy, it also works faster and it lets you enjoy data loading as you work with your computer. Its speed is 475MB/s. For storage, you can be able to store important files, photos, games and other multimedia operations. You would not have to worry about their safety since they are safe in SSD 120GB. Another great thing about this SSD is that it takes only a few minutes to transfer files and this makes it very convinient to use.

Crucial M500 240GB

The best way to upgrade you computer is by the help of 240GB SSD. This SSD will enable your computer to work fast and you will have a lot more space to store your data. You will be able to work with you computer and at the same time be entertained. This SSD uses a flash technology that helps in increasing the speed of operation. It also have second generation interface that also enables your computer to work at a very high speed, this interface will also help your computer to load applications faster that it was loading before.

When compared to other SSD in the market, this SSD scores more, this is because of the amazing performance that it offers at a reasonable price. With this SSD, you can easily transfer data even for applications that needs extra bandwidth. The device is designed to be resistance from any shocks or vibrations, this SSD can also be used in environment that is less ideal and will also work well even if the temperature where you are in is very high or very low.

Crucial M500 480 GB

This SSD is best known for its storage capacity, it is perfect for the users that want a high speed computer system. It can be connected to the computer very easily using USB wire and it is also very easy to use since it is user friendly. NTI’s shadow software is pre-installed in this SSD, the software is very easy to use and it is able to save up to 9 versions of different documents. If the user wants to view early documents that he/she had earlier drafted, he will not have to worry because this SSD will make it possible for the user to view his previous documents. This drive also has a back up feature that can be organized for particular time slots.

It is high time for you to stop using the traditional hard disk drive and start using SSD, the durability feature of SSD makes it convenient for you to store your important documents, work in a more silent environment and perform your duties faster.

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