If you have been on a quest for the best Samsung SSD card, but cannot quite afford the Samsung SSD 850 Pro, there is another card that can be just as useful. The Samsung 850 Evo is the best SSD card that money can buy, perhaps even a better choice than the 850 Pro, because it is cheaper and they are virtually the same. This card delivers top speeds and offers a RAPID mode that provides a significant speed boost. The RAPID mode is offered through Samsung Magician software, and the Evo is recommended for home users who need a monumental performance boost to their computers. Keep reading to discover how Samsung SSD drives compare to each other, and what each of them has to offer.

Samsung 850 Pro

[easyazon_block add_to_cart=”default” align=”left” asin=”B00LF10KNA” cloaking=”default” layout=”top” localization=”default” locale=”US” nofollow=”default” new_window=”default” tag=”authorityssd-20″]This superior drive was crafted for power users who need the extra boost in performance, reliability and guaranteed long-term usage. Unlike the Evo, this SSD features an updated version of 3D V-NAND technology, redefining storage capabilities and flash operations. The 850 Pro offers exceptional reading and writing processes, and is quicker and a bit more efficient than the Evo. While it can offer up to two times more speed than standard flash, it can also be quite pricey, which is why it did not quite make it to number one.

Samsung 840 Evo

Discover how the Samsung Evo started, and experience an economical way to upgrade your PC. Much like the newly designed 850, the 840 Evo also writes and reads while multi-tasking at monumental speeds, enhancing your applications and loading processes. This will completely transform your PC, and it also offers NAND technology and TurboWrite, offering much faster writing speeds.

Supreme Endurance with 3D NAND

A follow-up of the 850 Pro, the 850 Evo is now the second SSD card from Samsung that incorporates 3D vertical flash memory. This quality product’s flash memory cells are stacked in 32 information-packed layers, which allows many more cells in the same amount of wafer bits. This ultimately results in much more storage space for less money, because this card contains dense information. Samsung delivered an SSD that is much quicker than its 840 predecessor.

This 3D NAND technology also delivers top quality endurance, and the card should last for at least five years if you consistently put gigabytes onto the drive each day. However, the card with the higher capacity of gigabytes is a more meaningful purchase, because the endurance is double, even identical to the 850 Pro.

All in all, the 850 Evo looks entirely the same as an 850 Pro, and it is a standard 2.5 inch internal drive, which is 7mm thick. This drive also supports every single model created by SATA.
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TurboWrite and RAPID Mode

samsung-MZ-7TE120BW-1-s_largeAgain, this product demonstrates its similar nature to the 850 Pro by supporting TurboWrite technology, enabling the drive to operate a section of its flash memory in mode of single layer cell memory. This simulated, high-performance mode is found most commonly in expensive commercial SSD cards as a buffer zone. During a write operation, the host system transfers and writes crucial data to the specified buffer zone at top speeds. During idle periods, the data is stored in the buffer’s primary storage zone. The result is a write performance with colossal speed, providing the user with much quicker operation.

This TurboWrite process will begin working in your drive automatically, so you will not need to manually enable it. However, you will need to manually switch on the RAPID mode, which was introduced first in the 850 Pro. RAPID stands for Real Time Accelerated Processing, which uses I/O Data and RAM of the host computer as an input/output in order to significantly boost the computer’s performance. This feature will welcome users who have plenty of RAM.

Affordable Pricing

The Samsung SSD 850 Evo is the cheapest, most inexpensive SSD created by Samsung, yet the benefits it offers are priceless. In order to get the best deal possible, choose the 250GB or 500GB, which are sold at retail prices of $150 and $260, respectively. These models provide the absolute best deals because you will be less money for more storage space, not the other way around!

Top Performance

When compared to other SSD cards on the market for the same price, the 850 Evo topples the others in terms of speed, reliability and storage. Along with RAPID mode, you will be able essentially boost your drive’s speed to at least 200MB. You will be able to perform the reading and writing processes at the same time, while experiencing quicker computer speeds.

A Great Buy For Anyone

In terms of performance, the Samsung 850 Evo cannot compare to the expensive Pro, but as far as price goes, this new drive is the best Samsung SSD. It simply offers a multitude of benefits while remaining inexpensive and the performance is professional. Consider purchasing the 500GB Evo in order to full experience the potential of owning a high-end card for less money.