Best Crucial Solid State Drives

A solid-state drive or disk (SSD) is a data storage device which makes use of integrated circuit assemblies as memory for persistent storage of data. The SSD technology uses various electronic interfaces that are compatible with traditional input/output hard disk drives, hence allowing for simple replacement in common applications. In addition to that, new I/O interfaces such as SATA Express, are designed in such a way they address the specific requirements of SSD technology. Nowadays, most SSDs make use of NAND-based flash memory that retains data without power. Others are constructed from random access memory (RAM) for applications requiring fast access. The Crucial SSDs are some of the fastest one can get today. They have the best combination in terms of performance, price and capacity. Crucial SSDs have quite a reputable history of reliability. These are some of the best Crucial SSDs which are definite to fasten the process of loading programs from your hard drive and also writing data to the same.

Crucial M550

This is a revision of the previously released M500. It uses 20 nm MLC NAND flash, sourced in-house and has a Marvell controller 88SS9189, different to the 9187 used in the M500. Crucial opens up its largest SSD by making it a terabyte in capacity. Selling at 374 pounds, most people would argue that it is quite expensive in terms of gigabytes per round. However, given its high performance, this is staggeringly cheap, at just about half the cost of the latest Intel’s 730 Series.
Using 512 KB data, it can run up to speeds of about 550 MB/s. It might not however be able to maintain this speed on smaller data chunks. It can maintain the 550 MB/s pace on 256 to 8192 KB data, but the speed will most likely fall by 128 KB. It settles at 21 MB/s on the smallest 0.5 KB data files. Crucial’s M550 boasts a significant push up in terms of performance, while signposting the recent trend in falling SSD prices. This is set to bring potentially huge capacities at an affordable reach.

Crucial MX100

Crucial MX100 256GB SATA 2.5-Inch Internal Solid State Drive (CT256MX100SSD1) (Personal Computers)

List Price: $123.99
New From: $239.76 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

The MX100 comes in a 7mm 2.5 inches form factor. They are available in 512 GB, 256 GB and 128 GB capacities. It features TRIM, ECC and SMART support. The numerous features it has common with the M550 makes it quite unique. It supports the latest AES 256 bit hardware encryption. Besides the M500 and M550, it is among the only drives that are in accordance with the Microsoft eDrive, IEEE-1667 and the TCG Opal 2.0 standards. That implies that whenever it is enabled, you are guaranteed of your data safety against thieves and hackers. There is also significant improvement in performance, over other software-based encryption that relies on the CPU of the system to encrypt data prior to its writing to the drive. Crucial’s Native Write Acceleration allows for consistent performance with minimal lags in storage response.
The MX100 features adaptive thermal protection that enables it to dynamically adjust activity within the storage component to maintain coolness of the drive. Crucial integrates a multistep integrity algorithm with the components to prevent corruption of precious user data. This includes integrity checking, error correction and leveraging RAIN implementation. The Redundant Array of Independent NAND (RAIN) secures some of the NAND and strictly dedicates it to parity, instead of user space. Crucial MX100 offers many enterprise grade features at quite an affordable price.

Crucial M500

[OLD MODEL] Crucial M500 240GB 2.5-inch Internal SSD CT240M500SSD1 (Personal Computers)

List Price: $129.99
New From: $280.39 USD In Stock
Used from: $119.99 USD In Stock

The M500 family comprises four capacities: the flagship 960 GB, 480 GB, 240 GB and 120 GB. First, these drives contain their own power backup. There are a number of rows of capacitors at the drive’s PCB, which enables the drive to complete any writing duties in case your rig crashes for some reasons, if at all the data was already in the NAND. The M500 has proper thermal controls, such that if the temperature rises above 70 degrees Celsius, the drive will automatically throttle back by about 40% until a stable working temperature is achieved. The 480 GB version uses 16 new NAND chips with two dies for each NAND package. This gives it a total capacity of 512 GB. Crucial utilizes the spare capacity in sorting out any NAND defects and the RAIN technology. The Marvell 91878 controller looks after every activity. Crucial prices this series at an extremely pocket-friendly cost, with the 480 GB drive priced at around $370 while the 960 GB goes at an astonishing $920. This comes to around 0.50 pounds for every GB.

Crucial’s best SSDs offer a glimpse of what the future holds with the large capacities and also their prices. They also show how far the market has been able to come in just a short span of time.

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