Crucial MX100 (128GB/256GB/500GB)

Crucial MX100 refers to a series of SSD data storage drives which come in three sizes i.e. 128GB, 256GB and 512 GB. The term SSD stands for Solid-State electronic drive. SSD drives differ from traditional disk drives in the following ways:-
• They do not possess an actual electromagnetic disk
• There are no read/write heads
• They do not possess a motor to spin the electromagnetic disk during read/write operations.

SSD drives use integrated electronic circuit assemblies to store data persistently (long term storage). The electronic circuits are able to store data in binary form through the use of logic NAND gates. This makes SSD drives a form of flash memory long-term storage. The use of NAND circuits to store data instead of a spinning disk gives SSD drives a number of advantages over the traditional disk drives. These advantages are:-

  • SSD drives are more resilient to physical shock
  • SSD drives are silent while running
  • SSD drives have lower access time when reading from the drive
  • SSD drives offer far higher writing speeds when writing to the drive
  • SSD drives offer greater data integrity with prolonged use
  • SSD drives are far more energy efficient.

Initially SSD drives were 7 to 8 times more expensive than the traditional disk drives. However, with the advances in SSD drive manufacturing technologies, SSD drives have become affordable while still offering exemplary performance.

Crucial MX100 SSD drives offer several benefits when used as the storage medium in laptops and desktops. These benefits are:

Greater Energy Efficiency

The absence of a motor to spin an electromagnetic disk during read/write operations means Crucial MX100 SSD drives use only a fraction of the power required to run traditional disk drives. Crucial MX100 SSD drives are up to 90% more energy efficient compared to traditional drives. This translates to prolonged battery life for laptops using Crucial MX100 SSD drives. A fully charged laptop battery will last up to 3 times as long as when using a tradition disk drive.
When used in a desktop as the main storage, Crucial MX100 SSD drives will contribute to a much lower power bill at the end of the month. The monthly power bill can be up to
40% lower by simply replacing the tradition disk drives with Crucial MX100 SSD drives.

Power loss protection

Unlike traditional disk drives where data is completely lost in the event of a power loss, Crucial MX100 SSD drives ensure all data is preserved. This is mainly due to immense ease and speed of read/write operations when using a Crucial MX100 SSD drive. None of the data being accessed, created or edited is lost when a laptop abruptly runs out of power or when a power outage occurs while using a desktop. With Crucial MX100 SSD drives, the anguish of having to re-do work is avoided.

No overheating

Crucial MX100 SSD drives make use of an Adaptive Thermal Protection Technology. This tool enables the SSD to systematically adjust storage component activity which ensures optimum utilization of the drive, lowering the risk of overheating. This eliminates the risk of overheating associated with prolonged use of a laptop or desktop when handling time intensive projects. The reduced risk of overheating also guarantees the long life span of Crucial MX100 SSD drives.

• Fast Data Access And File Transfer

Crucial MX100 drives make it possible to sequentially read both comprehensive data and fast writing of data onto the disk. This is possible due to the high SSD drive sequential read/write speed of up to 550MB per second. The read/write speed is 3 times faster than the 177MB per second read/write speed possible with traditional disk drives.

Data security due to advanced encryption

Crucial MX100 SSD drives make use of AES 256 bit data encryption similar to the encryption used in banks and hospitals. This ensures data is completely secure from hackers and the malicious agents they use. This encryption algorithm meets Microsoft’s e-Drive, ICEE-1667 and Opal 2.0 encryption standards.

Improved data consistency

Through the use of RAIN technology, the consistency of all the data stored in a Crucial MX100 SSD drive is guaranteed. RAIN stands for Redundant Array of Independent NAND which eliminates small NAND flash storage failures. The system allows for fully automated data recovery.

Unmatched Micron Quality And Performance

Crucial MX100 128GB, 256GB and 512GB SSD drives are manufactured by Micron. Micron ensures that all its products undergo over 1000hours of validation testing which includes hundreds of SSD qualification tests. The Crucial MX100 SSD drives have been tried, tested and proven which guarantees unmatched performance and value for money.

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