Kingston SSDNow v300 Review

There is something to celebrate about- Kingston V300 SSD series. You can now get more life from your computer. This means that you can now maximize your computer by replacing its old hard drive using Kingston SSDNow V300. Undoubtedly, it is the most cost friendly way to give your system a dramatic improvement as far as responsiveness is concerned. The best part is that, it is far less disruptive relative to migrating data to a new system. Among the wildly successful solid state drives from Kingston is a V300 SSD series. It is designed in a 7 mm form factor capable of providing the users with immense flexibility – when slipping it into their mobile devices or mounting their drive. Further, users can take advantage of the included 7mm-9.5mm that enables them to modify the drive to achieve a thicker profile whenever they want.

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Who is it meant for?

The SSDNow V300 series is designed with the casual user in mind- typically someone who is in search of an easy upgrade path. It is no wonder that the V300 series is extremely affordable, relative to other Kingston mainstream line of SSDs and of course, compared to other brands in the market. The V300 series offers the user a reasonable or rather impressive amount of endurance. This is one of the areas where these types of drives are likely to do much better than its past TLC rivals. Kingston, usually specify total bytes written (TBW) figure for all their SSDs, and this reflects the amount of data that can be written to the SSD prior to technically exhausting the P/E cycles. For instance, the 240 GB can bear 128TB, 120 GB can bear up to 64TB and 60 GB can handle 32TB of data that is written for the time being covered by the warranty. Three models have been considered separately, below:

Kingston SSDNow V300, 120 GB

kingston-ssdnow-v300-120gbYou will fall in love with the speed that this model has to offer. It is ten times faster compared with a 7200RPM hard drive. At a time when nearly everything in life demands speed, this model wouldn’t have come at a better time. It is designed for people who are looking for high-quality products as it features an LSI SandForce controller – specifically tailor-made for Kingston. Its reliability is impressive particularly because it has no moving parts. This means that this type of SSD is less likely to fail compared to the conventional hard drives. It features one of the most economically optimized designs which make migration to an SSD a lot more affordable. For people who love convenience, the V300, 128GB offers it in plenty because it comes in an all-in-one kit, carrying all the components- and thus easy to install. Lastly, it comes in multiple capacities to fit your workload.

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Kingston SSDNow V300, 240 GB

kingston-ssdnow-v300-240gbIt is important to note that Kingston SSDNow V300, 240 GB is usually marketed as 240 GB. This is mainly because, the 16 GB has been reserved to cater for data parity originating from garbage collection, block replacement and so on and so forth. Compared to the 120 GB model, it is a lot faster. It helps to improve the speed of loading applications as well as system boot up. It features an internal transfer rate of 450Mbps (read) and 450Mbps (write). Just like the model covered above, it is reliable, economical- which makes migration to SSD more affordable and also comes in multiple capacities. When it comes to the form factor, a 2.5 inch SSD is available in 7mm and a plastic adapter which fits in a 9.5mm system.

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Kingston SSDNow V300, 480 GB

kingston-ssdnow-v300-480gbDifferent from other V series solid state drives seen from Kingston, the V300 is yet to get a 480GB class model.

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The verdict

In general, the V300 series scores pretty well with respect to power consumption. Perhaps, this can be attributed to its use of smaller process node NAND-19nm versus 24nm. However, the customization might also have something to do with the extremely low power usage. Although it isn’t the fastest in the market, Kingston V300 is built on proven technology at a relatively great price. When compared to any other hard disk drive, including the fastest that money can buy, this solid state drive can be expected to be exponentially faster in the exact daily usage. In this regard, users have a lot of benefit to reap.

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